Project Recess

Join us in our campaign to bring a dedicated play space to the students of GW Childs as we raise funds to build an innovative playground on the school’s rooftop

Learn more about Project Recess here.

Who is NICE?

Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary is a committed group of community members dedicated to supporting our neighborhood children! In the last seven years, NICE, in partnership with the amazing Principal, teachers, students and parents at G.W. Childs School has:

•  $125,000 + raised from grants, foundations and City funding to support capital projects and after school programming.

•  $12,000 + raised from events and donors to support teacher projects, library improvements, and student activities.

•  500 + community members engaged through schoolyard clean ups, volunteer projects, block parties, fundraising, and public school advocacy. 

•  10 + new partnerships to support early literacy, English Language Learners, the arts, gardening, and public school advocacy. 

Our Origin Story

In April 2012, NICE founder Megan Rosenbach, GW Childs art teacher Maria Pandolfi, and school parent Kim Smith, teamed up a student art show. This inaugural fundraiserh highlighted works from the schools 600 students, youth performances, and raised $1,000 for art supplies. The momentum gained from this event led Megan and Kim into a library revitalization project, and NICE held its first meeting in August 2012 to get more community members involved in supporting the school. 

All donations to NICE are tax deductible and go directly to supporting children and teachers at G.W. Childs School. 

At the heart of every vibrant neighborhood is a thriving school. NICE is dedicated to ensuring that the heart of our neighborhood, GW Childs Elementary, is beating strong.


More from NICE

The school family at Childs is awesome.
— Kim Smith, Parent
I love the students. They want to learn and have a great attitude.
— Mr. Feinman, 5th Grade Teacher
The whole community came around the library project. It’s a huge success story.
— Megan Rosenbach, Neighbor
It’s where I got my start and it’s an awesome public school.
— Councilman Johnson

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